Red Riding Hood's poster (Catherine Hardwicke)

Red Riding Hood


A Gothic imagining of the classic fairy tale in which a young woman is confronted by a werewolf, this time with a teenage love triangle at its center.


11 mar 2011

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Red Riding Hood (Catherine Hardwicke)

Jesus Ortega has seen it over 3 years ago #

A different, original to some extent, take on the old Little Red Riding Hood story. In this case, though, the story happens in a Middle Age-like village and there is a werewolf. It's OK. Decent entertainment and all, but there is something that doesn't "click". Not sure what it is.



Red Riding Hood (Catherine Hardwicke)

Isaac Pavón has seen it over 3 years ago #

Sleepy Hollow + Crepusculo = Aberración vomitiva.


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