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En esta encantadora historia sobre el primer amor,aclamada por la crítica, Lloyd, un eterno optimista, busca conseguir el corazón de Diane, una inalcanzable belleza del instituto, además de una intachable estudiante. Todo el mundo se sorprende, incluido Lloyd, cuando ella demuestra que el sentimiento es recíproco. Pero el posesivo padre divorciado de Diane no aprueba esa relación y hará falta a... view more

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Say Anything... (Cameron Crowe)

Jennifer Ng has seen it over 5 years ago #

My favorite 80s movie. There are three acts that work well on their own, but create such a woven story together. The thing that struck me the most: yes guys can be friends with girls without any romantic interest. Why can't that happen more?

At the same time, will a father really approve of a boy who wants to be a boyfriend as a career?


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